A New Bit About Me!

Up Dog
Image by Noah Lane

Well, I have promised for a while that new information about me would appear here.  It didn’t appear magically, I have had to make an effort.  For me, like many in our new CoVid world, I have struggled and suffered a little.  I don’t have a problem self isolating, my issue has more been socializing.  However, now going out to do some simple shopping gets me vibrating… anxiety or excitement?

This is what I am exploring now.  Is my body’s physical response because I’m happy, overjoyed to be out or is it because I am pursued by a fear of the unknown or both. I talk to self about the tools I have but still it is a journey.  Yes, meditation.  Yes, yoga.  Yes, my new canine companion Ginger Lee.  Yes, walking.  Yes, biking.  Yes, breath work.  All these are tools in my tool kit of emotional and mental health.  

This bit about me may read familiar to you as well.  Becoming aware of these challenges and strengths is the first step on a road to not just coping but enjoying the journey.

Ginger Lee — Up Dog

I am, truly I am.  I would love to share my skills with you.  Please know we don’t have to meet in person to reap the benefits of hypnotherapy.  Contact me, let’s talk.


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