No Place Like Home

Excessive worrying? Anxiety Holding You Back?
Fear of Moving Forward?
Driven by the need to get it right?

Even in your darkest hour there are still stars.
Photo by Juan Pablo Arenas from Pexels

You’re in the right place. Right here. Right now. Your first step in living a life infused with ease is the ability to cultivate resiliency so in meeting life’s challenges you realize that you are the creator of the quality of your life. And you have the tools to prove it.

You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t ready.

You’re here because it’s time.

Abandoned Beach Boat
Photo by Samir Belhamra @Grafixart_photo from Pexels

Abandonment Issues?

Feel like you’re stranded on the shores of uncertainty? You’re not alone! I’m here to help.

You’ve read this far because you’re looking for solutions. That’s exactly what I have to offer. Hypnotherapy offers a way to pilot through and eliminate the residual emotional baggage. We unpack the wrinkly, smelly, old fashioned, not useful ways we have lived and which now weigh us down. Hypnotherapy addresses anxiety, phobias, fears and all manner of acquired behaviours that the sub conscious mind initially created to protect but now is a hinderance in our journey of moving both forward and deeper to our “fundamental nature” of love, kindness and compassion to self and others.

Victoria, BC, Canada is the home of Anahata Hypnotherapy — Your Heart’s Discovery. But through this wonderful tool you’re reading now, I can be of help from afar. Ask me how.

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