Love Moves

Here now. Image from Pixabay

This poem by Claire Gillmore touches my heart in so many ways.  It brings me back to the flavour of what we’ve just been through and to some degree, continue to go through. And, how our response and recognition of it is what helps us move through it.  Speaking up and asking for help when we’re struggling emotionally is the first step in making change, accepting what’s happening and creating the space for a fresh look and new approach.  I can be of help with Hypnotherapy.  Contact me through the form below when you want to hear more.  You have absolutely nothing to lose.  Our first “Getting To Know Each Other” meeting is free. 

Love moves.
There is stillness in the space above and
things are running caught below
but the Heart is an engine.
It’s like the difference between weight lifting 
and dancing but
the Heart lifts weight.
How can I say this?
I’ve just seen how Love 
leave for a bit but then return fresh 
and when it does that
it sheds such a warmth that
all these things become like dandelions turning to seed in the summer.
Suddenly insubstantial then
Guilt, should and should-not, all forms of 
Heaviness. Confusion, the whole 
hamster wheel of it.
I catch it 
they’re tricks of Light.
Each time She is saying:
See how you’re held?
Lean into me a little more.

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