The Way of Hypnotherapy

I have for long years recognized that life is a process not a project. I believe there never is a stage in life when it can be honestly said, “I’m here, I made it. I’m done.” 

Through Zen Buddhism, yoga and hypnotherapy, I have been supported in an on-going “investigation of the fundamental nature of self”, a fancy term for explaining who am I, what makes me tick and how I respond to what happens to me. 

Many of us struggle with shame, I am no different. Brené Brown refers to the skill of navigating this uncomfortable territory as “shame resilience”.  I like to expand this to “emotional resilience”.  To nurture our resilience, we are called to dive deep into the subconscious to recognize the roots, time of origin and what has pushed us off track from feeling comfortable and connected with who we really are.  

If, in our past, we have experienced trauma, by this I mean anything at all  that makes you second guess your own innate nature of goodness.  Neither addressed nor resolved, we may live our issues through the perspective of a hyper vigilant survival mode. Definitely, not a comfortable way to savour the joys of living and to support navigating the inevitable challenges of being human. 

Hypnotherapy offers a way to pilot through and eliminate the residual emotional baggage. We unpack the wrinkly, smelly, old fashioned, not useful ways we have lived and which now weigh us down. Hypnotherapy addresses anxiety, phobias, fears and all manner of acquired behaviours that the sub conscious mind initially created to protect but now is a hinderance in our journey of moving both forward and deeper to our “fundamental nature” of love, kindness and compassion to self and others.

For me, the path of becoming a certified Hypnotherapist, has itself provided me with the tools for my own self exploration, self enhancement and self navigation. I feel less anxious, if anxiety arises I am able to recognize it and breathe through it, go for a walk, soothe myself with seeing the universe as a place where things happen for me rather then just to me.  I am empowered to be proactive and just be kind to anxious me. 

The lens through which we look at the world, our perspective, is sometimes what needs to be recognized first and then examined. Changing perspective is a practice, a returning over and over again to the moment and simply by recognizing an opportunity for self-investigation, the change is happening.

The Great Off Kanagawa By Hokusai

If we are not living our lives to become better beings, truer to our authentic nature then perhaps we are living hollow lives, motivated for a need to find “fullness” in the stuff of a consumer driven life. Or the need to be in denial, self medicate or by just ignoring that discomfort in the pit of the stomach. Trust those gut feelings they are a pointer to addressing what’s what. However, if we don’t know something, anything, it only means one thing, “I don’t know.” Not, “I’m bad.” Or I’m stupid.”

Eckhart Tolle said, “The moment you realize you’re not present, you are.” To extrapolate, when I recognize that I’m looking at the world as unkind, I have the opportunity to recognize instances of kindness. Through years of social conditioning, unfortunate events and circumstances, we lose the innate trust we had as children. We can return to this trust, empowered with the wisdom of years and an acceptance or at least an understanding of knowing we don’t know what’s going to happen next. Leaning in and being with we become confident our response will be appropriate to the situation. If it’s not, then that too is a practical pointer to further investigation.

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