Troubleshooting Shit

I’m beginning slowly to realize that a lot of what we do in life is Troubleshoot. (In the spirit of Dr. Seuss and A. A. Milne, I will capitalize the first letter of the Important Things.) When things are running smoothly, we don’t tend to troubleshoot, just in case something should arise.  It’s like the saying when we find a lost Something, we say, “I found it in the last place, I looked.”  Well, I tend to look in one more place so I can say, “I found it in the second to last place I looked.”

See, it doesn’t make sense.  When I need to troubleshoot something, I want to have it troubleshot, done and over with instantly. My formula has been just add anxiety, desperation, instant fixative and then voila, Done.  Not always so, now in my 60’s.  I’m realizing what has been pointed to all my Life.  I’m going to put it in Caps, Bold, Italics and Underline it and make it a Larger Font.  I’m not shouting at you, I’m reminding me.


Frankly, I love the troubleshooting state. I find myself in complete trance where I am so focussed on go-arounds, possible complex solutions, downloading extra apps that time has no meaning and passes so quickly, I risk being late for the Next Thing. 

When I move out from a micro pereception of what I need to accomplish, I find my vision was actually blurred.  If I pull out to a macro perception, I can see the big picture.  Look what I have desperately been trying to find was simply deleted from my personal operating system. It was filed in my subconscious mind under a folder that may be titled, return to this later, assorted stuff or junk. Translate this to any of the operating systems we hold in our hands or have on a surface and the trash icon can be the answer.

It was, after frantically searching everywhere, even considering recovering old files, I looked in trash, recent deletes in fact and there it was.  What I spent hours looking for, researching how to find, scratching my head at one complex explanation and another, believing it’s got to be more complicated then it looks. It was there the whole time. The Thing didn’t feel Lost, I did.

The motto perhaps is that simple results come from stepping back, taking a break, having a walk, sipping a tea, then returning to the task at hand.

Now, I will file this simple suggestion BE PATIENT in my current, check here first, top ‘o mind file.  If I remember. 

Note to self: Or sit with it.  The most difficult time to sit in Meditation is when I really need it.  Do it anyway. 

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  1. Bekkie says:

    Troubleshooting Shit!! The story of my life. Thanks for your insights.

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