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Zen and the Mindful Art of Cycling

Lola and I

Caveat:  This moment is the most important moment of your life.

Assume that no one on the road, beside the road and in the crosswalks sees you.

Be as respectful to others on the road, beside the road and in the crosswalks as you wish for yourself.

Eye contact and a friendly hand gesture is a positive acknowledgement that you are seen and wish to be seen. 

Sky, Go Fast Fun!

Your best friend is your left shoulder check, visit her often.

Use your signals with your left arm.  Signal frequently. For optimum usage employ suggestion three.

When you pass a cyclist or pedestrian, signal politely with your bell or, if no bell is present say, “Ding, ding.” Always pass on the left.

Take the lane when you’re coming to an intersection.

Be visible, reflective clothing, lights; white in front, red in rear. I personally do not use a flashing white light as a head light, I find it blinding when I’m driving and a recipe for an accidental meeting.

Flaunting your ability to zip in and out of traffic from behaving like a vehicle to morphing into a pedestrian to being a cyclist is not friendly behaviour to fellow human travellers. It’s confusing, it’s unpredictable and it’s unsafe. Nobody intentionally wants to cause harm to fellow travellers.

A formula for how we navigate all things in life might look something like this:

Thoughts (left brain; Sahasrara (Crown) chakra)

filtered through love (Anahata (Heart) chakra)

expressed through communication (Visshuda (Throat) chakra)

Thoughts + feelings + words = connection

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